Diamond Lamellar Fluid

Ultra-rapid and no-rinse lamellar fluid

Available format

  • 250 ml ℮ 8.45 FL OZ
  • Effect
  • Formulation & Ingredients
  • How to use

Extra-light and no-rinse spray fluid.

Recommended for lamellar treatment that gives the hair an extraordinary shine with a mirror effect.

Conditioning, nourishing action and repairing function for damaged areas.

Suitable for all hair types. It immediately makes the hair shiny, gives body to the shaft, restoring lost constituents.

Contains Hyaluronic Acid as a mirror effect plumping agent, Quaternised Wheat Protein as a conditioner, Vegetable Glycerine and D-Panthenol for moisturising, Vitamin E with anti-ageing properties.

Shake before use. Apply by spraying to damp, towel-dried hair. Do not rinse and proceed to blow-dry.


Blow-dry hair about 90% dry, shake the bottle before use and spray the fluid all over the hair in the required quantity.
Do not rinse and finish with the desired styling.