TON 618

High performance bleaching powder/cream 9+/10 tones. Maximum performance in all lightening techniques.

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  • 500gr ℮ net wt 16.9 oz
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The high content of Kaolin, greyish-white in color, gives it purifying, softening and remineralising properties.

The presence of Guar Gum in the formula protects the hair and swells the cuticles.

Bleaching Powder/cream with a high bleaching power: 9+/10 tones.

It contains a functional plex with Fermented Hyaluronic Acid, which plumps up the hair fibre, filling and repairing every interstitium.

Rich in active ingredients such as Meteorite powder, Black Diamond powder and Dark Perilla Oil.

Black Bleaching Powder.

Low Ammonia.

Highly versatile: dilution 1:1.5 / 1:2 / 1:2.5 / 1:3;

Mixing: with Developer Timeless 20 vol – 30 vol – 40 vol.

Laying time: 30 to 45 minutes, it is recommended to visually check frequently until the desired lightening tone is achieved.